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Are you prone to cavities? Do you brush diligently but still end up with decay? Church Family Dental might have the solution you need in the form of dental sealants. With this protective treatment, you will be less likely to experience cavities. Church Family Dental is here to help our patients have healthy smiles!

What are Sealants?

Sealants are often referred to as raincoats or barriers for teeth. They prevent the outside elements such as food, plaque, and tartar from accumulating inside the crevices of the crown.

Children are the most common recipients of sealants as they are more likely to get cavities due to poor brushing habits, but they are a perfect treatment option for adults too.

child happy with dental sealants

How are Dental Sealants Applied?

The sealant application process only takes minutes as it’s very straightforward.  We will usually apply it to a molar, but you do have the option to place sealants on other teeth as well.

The dentist begins by cleaning and drying the tooth, followed by placing a gel over it to roughen the surface. Next, we repeat the rinsing and drying stage before applying the sealant. The dentist will finish the process by hardening it with a blue light.

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

  • Decreases chance of cavities
  • Long-lasting
  • Saves money spent on fillings, crowns, or restorations
  • Pain-free application
  • Fast and easy process

Looking for Dental Sealants in Birmingham?

Dental sealants can be the difference between a cavity-free smile and needing multiple treatments in the future to remove decay. Do you want a simple way to add extra protection to your smile? Contact our friendly team today to schedule an appointment.



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