Why You Shouldn't Ignore a Chipped Tooth

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A dentist checks a woman's mouth for a chipped tooth
June 8, 2022

Why do dentists recommend dental crowns in Birmingham when they discover a chip or a crack in your tooth? Chips and cracks may seem harmless, but they can potentially jeopardize your oral health if you leave them as they are. For many, a crack may just be a minor cosmetic issue, but to a dentist, it opens you up to a host of oral problems and complications. This is why dentists would recommend fixing a chipped or a cracked tooth.

a woman with chipped teeth needing dental crowns in birmingham

Why Do You Need to Repair a Chipped or Cracked Tooth?

What Causes Tooth Chips and Cracks?

One might think that tooth chips and cracks can only happen to children. The truth is, it can happen to anyone at any age. The following are some of the causes of chipped and cracked teeth:

·      Biting into hard foods like hard candies, popcorn, etc.

·      Chewing on objects like pens

·      A blow to the mouth caused by a hard object

·      Teeth grinding or bruxism

·      Cavities and tooth decay

What Are the Consequences of a Chipped Tooth?

When you chip your tooth, a part of your enamel gets removed. Consider yourself lucky if the chip is only minor and that it doesn’t expose the dentin, which is the layer underneath the enamel.

When the dentin is still covered and protected by the enamel, you will not experience tooth pain and sensitivity, but you will feel the affected tooth's sharp edge, which can cause discomfort.

However, if it’s a huge chip or crack where a large piece of your tooth got removed, there’s a big chance the dentin will be exposed. If this happens, tooth sensitivity is a likely outcome. It’s also possible to experience pain if the nerves are damaged.

Assuming the chip or crack didn’t cause pain. Should you leave it alone? The answer is no. A chip in your tooth will put you at risk of decay and infection since you expose it to bacteria.

How Do Dentists Treat a Chipped Tooth?

Your dentist may file the chipped tooth down and polish it to smoothen the jagged edges. A dental bonding material made of composite resin may also be used to restore and rebuild your affected tooth. The bonding material has the same color as the rest of your teeth, and it can be shaped to mimic your tooth’s natural contours. Once it’s set in place, your smile and oral function will be restored.

If the chip is so severe that a dental bonding material can’t fix it, your dentist will resort to using dental crowns. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap used to cover and protect your tooth against further damage. It also reduces your risk of developing an infection.

A small crack can introduce bacteria into the dental pulp and cause an infection. Your dentist may perform root canal therapy before placing a crown over the tooth to stop the infection from spreading. A root canal treatment aims to remove the infected and decayed tissues to save your tooth.

a dentist preparing a patient's teeth for dental crowns in birmingham

Do You Need Dental Crowns in Birmingham?

Luckily, chipped and cracked teeth are easy to fix. When it happens, let your dentist know about it. Never ignore a chipped or a cracked tooth.

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